Fri 26 October 2018 | 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv,

New translations in personal, feminine and local interpretations of Leonard Cohen’s songs
First Performance at the 2018 Piano Festival

Two years after the release of the acclaimed album 2023, Kerem is a newcomer with a personal project, close to her heart – new translations into Hebrew, in a personal interpretation of the songs of her favorite artist, Leonard Cohen, the greatest songwriter.

Aya says: I spent most of the year with Leonard Cohen. It is a bit unusual to spend so much time with a man who is not your partner and what is not among the living, but Cohen is my favorite artist since childhood, and his poems have accompanied me since childhood and when I’m asked who is the author who influenced me the most. Cohen is the only artist I believe succeeds in combining religion and sex, politics and self-awareness, and during the work I discovered that I was measuring new skin, and I must find myself a new courage to sing texts I never sang like them and mean every word. Leonard Cohen took me on a journey that begins in the bedroom, continues in the synagogue and ends at the cabinet table. I started this year as one artist and I finish it as a different artist, even before anyone ever heard the product. I dedicate the fruits of the labor to my father, who introduced me to Leonard Cohen and turned his voice and poems into part of my DNA.

Among the songs in the show: Everybody Knows, Suzanne, There Is No Cure For Love, Famous Blue Raincoat, Chelsea Hotel and more …

Adaptations and musical production: Adam Ben Amitai

Aya Korem Poetry and Piano ■ Adam Ben Amitai Guitars ■ Noa Ailey Cello ■ Yael Ciechanover and Viola ■ Alex Moshe Kolot ■ Daniel Rubin Voices

Price at the box office: 119 NIS
Advance sale: 99 NIS

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