Wed 12 October 2016 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
xAyalon Highway - Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv, FREE

After last years great success in making a giant “PEACE” sign on Ayalon Highway we’ve decided to do it again!

Yom Kippur is truly a special day. It represents the true diversity of this country. Many people fast and pray while others take to the streets to ride their bikes and some do both!

Regardless of how one may spend this day there is, for once, a consensus amongst all people and that’s that no one drives their cars. This provides a rare opportunity to turn the highway into a blank canvass where we can send any message we’d like to the world. That message is one of Peace!

The more people that come, the bigger the sign will be so please tell your friends. We will be meeting on Ayalon right below the Azrieli towers. Please wear a white shirt!

To those fasting have an easy fast ❤

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