Thu 3 May 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Beit Kandinof - Hatzofim 14, Tel Aviv,

YOM HOFESH – Solo exhibition by Jonathan Trichter
Opening – May 3rd, 8pm / Beit Kandinof בית קנדינוף

– At the opening we will host a Live show of the artist Anna Lann with a performance by PentHouss

Jonathan Leopold Trichter is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in a German-Israeli family, which exposed him to both the Jewish and the Christian faith, which allowed him to take a closer look at the customs and the rituals of both religions, and find similarities. He’s relocation to Jaffa since early 2016 has opened a door for him to experience some of the Islamic culture, and by doing so completed the picture in combination of all three major religions together.

Yom Hofesh
The concept behind his work ‘Yom Hofesh’ was spurred by Trichters view on the representation of the female in those three religions he’s familiar with, asking questions such as what is the female’s place in organized religion, what is the degree of ‘freedom’ that one can feel through personal religious practices?
Yom Hofesh – ‘a free day’ in English, is considered to be the single holy day of the week, in which a believer is meant to see the existence and disappearance of god, and take a break from all other activities aside those that glorify god.
Trichter has adapted a song from each major religion that is used on their ‘Yom Hofesh’ and reformed them with an original adaptation, sang by a female voice. What were once songs for the ‘free day’, are now songs for the ‘day of freedom’.
In Islam – the color pink is also used as the representation of freedom, the freedom in our religious practices both as women and as a non-gendered individual.
In his video art, Trichter uses religious iconography to send the message of freedom In religion and ask the viewer of what does it mean to be free to express, within the limits of our spirituality.

Sound art and sound design by Anna Lann

Artist bio –
Jonathan Trichter completed his studies at the Thelma Yellin Art School in Giv’atayim.
During the course of his studies he presented numerous instillation works as an individual as well as participating in joint exhibition both inside and outside the institution.

Since 2015, Trichter has worked in creative partnership with a various range of artists and has been involved in many artistic projects such as founding PentHouss together with artist Anna Lann.

Free entrance.

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