Tue 5 June 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Eastern Western House - Erlikh 16, Tel Aviv, 75 NIS

After several years of performances around the world alongside top-notch artists, international percussionist Yishai Afterman presents his debut performance – “Naomi.”

Together with four of the most prominent musicians in Israel, Afterman tells his life story through poems written in Hebrew and English, alongside classical texts from Israel and abroad.
“Naomi” is an original musical piece that moves between modern jazz and Mediterranean groove, between vocal harmonies and virtuoso music, and it challenges the boundaries between the various musical genres.

Yishai Afterman – Percussion and Vocals
Orel Oshrat – piano and voices
Tula Ben Ari – Vocals and Percussion
Daniel Sapir – bass and vocals
Ofer Mizrachi – string instruments, trumpet and vocals

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