Tue 9 April 2019 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
The Fridge - Hahashmonaim 90, Tel Aviv,

‘Wow, what an absurdity’ An art event while watching polls (the elections on a central screen) is a clean-cut event. We create it by grabbing it in an urgent moment, in a marginal situation, hesitantly, hoping that apart from us will be present in the place who, who we hope will share with us in the disturbing political process.
And what is this concern on our hearts?
What’s in the plan?
Watching polls on a big screen
On the ramp pop art works,:
Eran Rubinfeld, Doron Braunstein,
Roy Chicky Arad – Poetry Reading
Doron Braunstein – Performance Shira
The human theater – performance
Yara Mahajna – Performance
Nadav Ben Nun – Performance Music
Eden and Revital sing music and jam session without restraint.
And down, in the subconscious depths of our refrigerator, an art exhibition kicks in on the meaning of choice.

Artists and artists who will present new works:
Assaf Rahat
Liav Mizrahi
Two Shepherd
Itai Zlait
Doron Braunstein
Bar Dvir
Yara Makhajna
Yael Piwek Ilan
Asaf Romano
Nechama Golan
Rafat Hatab
Hannah Ashuri
Shoshka Engelmayer
Nadav Ben Nun
Digging and dipping
Maria Salah Mahamid
The Elia Mendelson River
Ido Dagan
Jenny Egalovich
Nurit Zederbaum

Curator – Yael Pivk Ilan

In 2015, on the eve of the elections, there was a first art event that dealt with the elections in the legendary “Mashuna” gallery, which will be remembered for good, led by Oren Fischer and Anton Abramov. And the wonderful treasures of Liav Mizrahi. So it was meant to be a moment of faith and hope that art plays an important role in creating change. This is not the case with us. The reality of the current event is different, different; Here we present the act of free choice of the artist, as a tense, torn place, as a paralyzing experience. Here we will be together to trust each other, while sipping alcohol and laughter or tears .. And during a mysterious visit to the subconscious of the city’s most underdog museum – the “refrigerator” will display wonderful works by a collection of wonderful artists and artists.
It will be hot in the fridge.

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