Mon 7 October 2019 | 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Rothschild Street - Rothschild, Tel Aviv,

World Rebellion Comes to IsraelĀ 

After millions in the world and in the country took to the streets during the Global Climate Strike Week, it is now time for the World Rebellion for Life!

The climate crisis will have far-reaching effects on our society, economy and life, and the Israeli public and media are beginning to realize that our environmental security is a security issue for the state, and a matter of existential security for each of us.

But while our future and life are in danger –
our savings in the bank, the tax dollars we pay and the pension funds designed to secure our future, all are invested in those polluting industries that are causing the climate crisis and ecosystem collapse.

Crisis technologies and solutions already exist and are well known in other countries.

This is possible for us too, but for that, we must channel the money and public resources to the right places, and invest in clean energy, restorative agriculture and environmental projects.

On Monday, 7.10, there will be a cross-border world rebellion for our planet. Here, too, we will unite and work for our home and life. Because # we’re all_one_in this . Both problem and solution.

At 8:00 we will meet on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, among all the banks and financial centers, to raise our voices for #investment_in the future_ better and # for_life_

bring you signs, megaphones, water (!!!) , Bring all the anger and depression and anxiety and love and hope and the power to change that this crisis brings to your body,
and let’s give some of it to anyone who continues to act indifferently as if everything is normal! šŸ“£

8:00 PM
8:20 Briefing
8:30 protest demonstration

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