Sat 9 March 2019 | 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv, FREE

Word ★ A celebration of art written at the Romano
Saturday 9.3 16:00 frequency

~ Book Fair and the celebration of the written word throughout Beit Romano. With bookstores and special expenses, screenings, readings, sketches and conversations, poets and dancers, creating theater and session waking, bits and spoken words, or in short – published! ~

With participation>

Dror Mishani ★ Shahara Blau ★ Adi Caesar with Elliott ★ Roi Chicky Arad and Ella Greenbaum ★ Wives – Tamar Mor Sela ★ Sharon Kantor ★ Daniel Weil ★ Muhammad Mughrabi ★ Yael Hetz ★ Eden Oliel and Galit Giat ★ Popoetics / from the creators Moran Barir and Dana Etgar

Writers and poets about the position

Dorit Rabinian ★ Roni Someck ★ Dror Mishani

Screenings in the various spaces

3 chapters from the Hebrew project ★ Principal Producer and Producer – Yair Kedar

Book Fair and Much Beyond

Books in Yapa ★ Lotus Books ★ ★ Simple Story ★ Reading Room ★ Green Brothers ★ 9 souls ★ Lokus ★ Orchard ★ Asia ★ Poetry Slam ★ Garanta ★ Quasi ★ Fanzians of Pan Pan Festival ★ Handcrafted notebooks of the Netbook Studio

★ Schedule of events and orientation map

★ At home>

17:30 – Spocken Ward / Daniel Weil, Mohammed Mugrabi, Yael Hetz – The Spokane artists from the Poet Salam House will hurl words at the audience, will be fast and crazy ~

19:00 – Lines and Beat / Adi Caesar, Eliot – Adi Caesar Poet and Founder “Ars Poetics” and Eliot – soloist Pollyanna Frank, DJ and composer of soundtracks, meet to read poetry on bits, broken lyrics and high music ~

★ Writers and poets on the position>

16:30 – Dorit Rabinian – The writer and scriptwriter will arrive at the position to write a sound set with Beyonce, Aris San, Björk and other companies ~

18:00 – Dror Mishani – Mahoeva Ozeri through David Bowie and Megoler The Turks,

19:30 – Roni Someck – The poet and artist will play his musical selections between Elvis and Johnny Cash, Amy Winehouse and Barry Saharof ~

In the big room

16:30 Sharon Kantor – Call cute children her book “Caution! At the end of the reading we will compare popcorns and make a work so that you will have something else at home.

18:00 – Umm Kulthum / Eden Oliel, Galit Giat – Interactive Encounter between actress and singer Galit Giat, who plays the iconic character of Umm Kulthum and Eden Uliel, author of the Um play and creates a social theater. The meeting will deal with the theatrical work process and the relationship between the playwright and the actor

19:30 – Thriller / Shahara Blau, Dror Mishani – Shahara Blau From the thriller “The Others” in a conversation with the author of the suspense novel “Three,” Dror Mishani, about women, love, horror, detectives and clocks ticking in literature and life ~

21:00 – Popuetics / by the creators Moran Barir and Dana Etgar – sparkling reading and a renewed interpretation of feminine pop songs. In pop nanoham! The following will appear: Irit Bendak, Rotem Volk, Yoav Talmor, Merav Kedar, Uri Karin-Hulkat, Rani Abd Al-Hai, Chen Zeusmer ~

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