Thu 15 November 2018 - Fri 16 November 2018 | 3:00 pm
Dizengoff Centre - Dizengoff 50, Tel Aviv,

It’s magical, it’s magical and you do not want to miss it!
“The Wonder Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes” comes to the cinema, and on the occasion of the film’s release you are all invited to a crazy frenzy with a festive screening of the film for the customers.

And what about the lectures on Friday? So…

10:30 – The boy who survived, what a pity – Harry Potter, the chosen one, is the one who is supposed to save the world from Voldemort. But did he really do it or perhaps it was the opposite – could he rise to greatness and destroy the lives of many? Is Harry Potter a popular and popular boy or is he arrogant, swollen, and self-important? When the saga is finally closed, it’s time to look back at Harry Potter and find out if he really is who we thought he was.

11:30 – Wonder animals and where to find them in mythology – Many of the animals that Neut finds during his travels around the world are based on animals and ancient creatures that appear in various mythologies. In the lecture we will talk about where these animals came from, and what were the changes between the mythology to tell and JK Rowling’s film.
Lecturer – Hadas Nebenzahl – Former Director of the World Congress.

12:20 – Wonder animals and who wants to find them / Ido Peled
The movie “Wonder animals and where to find them” changed the rules of the game in the world of Harry Potter. Along with Newt Scamender, viewers come to a new and unfamiliar world, with other problems and troubling questions.
Of course, there is a difference between the American magicians and the familiar British writers from the series of books – but what is it, in fact? Why in the United States are the Muggles simply, No-Majs and why does it matter?
Why do the American magicians dress “plain” and do not use owls or brooms?
Why does Quinny fall in love with Jacob, and how does this relate to the animals who were lost in the streets of New York?
About the lecturer: Studying and teaching at the Department of Literature at Tel Aviv University, and guiding reading groups for youth. Translator from German and Ancient Greek.

About Water and Other Wonder Animals / Leo Tanna
In her book “The Mouth Machine,” Susan Blackmore argues that culture develops through the use of machines that can replicate ideas and distribute them in the world.
No doubt fans of Jay. Kay. Rawling is an expert in the dissemination of ideas, and the network is flooded with humorous videos, water, mashups, panfikas, panaratim, and other words that sound like whispered words.
Then they pulled out the wanders and joined a journey of funny water and humoristic gestures to Harry Potter and the living wonder.
About the lecturer: director, film editor, film researcher, catheter and “he is from Rocky’s movie show.”

The happening will take place at the tomato bridge
See you on Thursday, 15 November, from 21:00 to 15:00 | And Friday the 16th of November between 15: 00-10: 00

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