Mon 4 February 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Jerusalem - Jerusalem, Jerusalem,

When it is cold outside as only Jerusalem knows, let us light a fire in your heart.
Every Monday of February opens a door for you to discover the secrets of the city from a different angle – to smell, hear, taste, watch, experience, get excited and flood the magic again. Trust us and give yourself up for a moment.

[1] Care for a tough man
Nashville Barbershop, Yanai 6 | 20.00-23.00
The beards of the city were counted! Nash Hindi from the old Nashville number will teach you how to cut, shave and shape your loved one

[2] culinary without boundaries
Shraga Cafe, Yanai 3 | 20.30-21.30
A one-time encounter with the founders of the Jerusalem culinary industry – Chen Koren, Keren Kadosh and Efrat Lichtenstadt Rizi. Special menu for winter noise!
Minimum NIS 80 per person

[3]! Gif me
Street Stand, Yanai 4 20.00-23.00
My big giff on a building ?! Arrive, tell and receive your own unique biographical pocket. Creators: Barak Aviam Ish Shalom and Aharon Manor

[4] Psychologist in Shenkel
R & R Drinks, Yanai 3 | 20.00-23.00
Advice for life in a comforting atmosphere suffused with whiskey from the artist Yishai Gross a.k.a Arrow Man

[5] What are you looking for?
Sutton Plus Tannos, Yanai 20.00-23.00
A performance of folk singing of paper and an origami workshop taught by Hadar Alfasi. Let’s add one bird of your own!

[6] Las Piratas Piratas – Pirate piracy
Street Show, Yanai 3 22.30 / 21.15 / 20.00
Piracy comes to pick up the pace!

[7] Do not stop in red
Street Show, Yanai 3 21.45 / 20.30
Slapstick comedy – acrobatics, juggling and clowning by the wild artists duo Casuio Shonouiri and Dror Liberman

[8] Hop-Dance
Street Show, Yanai Stairs 20.00-23.00
A colorful hoop show with Tal Franski

[9] What do you think?
Nissan Drinks, Shlomzion 13 20.00-23.00
As a puppet wakes up
In a liquor store, anything can happen

[10] Winter Party
Outside the Capit, Shlomzion 18 20.00-23.00
Straight from the frost of Britain – Dani
Warms you with basiline, busshouse and more

[11] Jerusalem, awake?
Black – Shlomtzion 20.30-21.45
The Jerusalem line-up, Story Teller, arrives in winter. Four short Jerusalem stories led by Itamar Farhi
AvevA – Appearance
Black Bar ‘n’ Burger, Shlomzion 18 | 22.00-23.00
Ethiopian Soul – Pop – Israeli. Music that creates a connection between cultures about society, love and stories from home

[12] Skateboard ArtExhibition
Gili’s skate shop, Shlomzion 11 | 20.00-23.00
One Piece exhibition for the sale of 20 artists selected on skateboards in a special winter edition. What will be your lottery?

[13] Music Garden
Outside of TACOS LUIS Israel, Shlomzion 11 | 20.00-23.00
Create local urban music with Alik Corfu using electronic music tools and an open microphone

[14] Art Market
Street Fair, Uzi Hasson Up the stairs 20.00-23.00
Let’s regenerate
At the most winter fair in Jeroz!

[15] Game On Wall
Regba Kitchens, Cyrus 20.00-23.00
A face ensemble in an interactive show invites you to the game of the social network in reality on a transparent wall in a clean and exposed light

[16] A night card ceremony
Charlotte, Cyrus 20.00-23.00
Arava Assaf opens you with a set of cards in an original design and explains the mental cycles

[17] Itay Dalumi – performance
Cypress, Cyrus 20.30-21.30
Just me and my piano. Intimate solo show
Meirav Helinger – Performance
Cypress, Cyrus 21.30-22.30
A magical piano performance accompanied by a harp

[18] Flamenco laboratory
Koresh 3, The Post Hostel Jerusalem 20.00
A dance, singing and playing performance under the direction of Yehuda Shuki Shwiki and Michaela Harari, in cooperation with artists Musica VeSheket and Flamenca – Flamenco Flamenco Studio of the Jerusalem Dance Theater Micaela Harari
Post Stand-Up
Koresh 3, The Post Hostel Jerusalem 21.00
Eli Haviv – Eli Haviv, Shir Reuven and Irmy Shik Blum Stand Up for Life and Death, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and a few other complementary opposites
Winter activism
Koresh 3, The Post Hostel Jerusalem 22.00
Matan Hodorov and Adv. Tomer Naor
In a crowded conversation about watchdogs
Of democracy in Israel

[19] Tal Friedman and the fat cats
Cyrus Hotel, Cyrus 21.00
Come to sing the stage of the din!
Maya Isac – Maya Isakovich
Cyrus Hotel, Cyrus 22.00
With a new pop performance from Tomer Yosef’s musical space, armed with an upgraded and sparkling sound
Jan and Ethel Live
Cyrus Hotel, Cyrus 23.00
The duo is in a rap-dancehall performance and a rhythmic rave

[20] Outdoor screening
Stairs of Cyrus Street 1-3 20.00-23.00
Breaking the net – Nitza and bread, Dudu Farouk and what the hell is ASMR. An evening of wild and mostly independent videos Gahlilit Kolazman

[21] DUŠA
Plantation 16, Shlomzion 1 | 20.00-23.00
A celebration of Balkan music Gypsy joy
Jam is a stormy street

————————- After Party 23.00 ———————- —
[21] Sherry and Reno (Izabo)
Mazeka distillery, lily 4
Ran Shem Tov on the electric viola, Shiri Hadar bass on the keyboard and Guy Ben Ami on the drums. After the show DJ Tali Ben Itzhak

[22] Blues and who’s
Shoshana Bar, Shoshan
Trio Blues acoustic show Authentic roots from Mississippi and Chicago. After the show DJ Opie

Entrance is free if not stated otherwise and subject to availability. Some places may have a minimum guest reservation cost.
Winter noise every second February:
Yannai-Koresh ● Ben-Shatach-Shlomzion ● Jaffa Gate ● Talpiot-Haoman

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