Sat 21 December 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:59 pm
SUB Tel Aviv - Karlebach 29 , Tel Aviv,

— There will be no ticket sale at the door — tickets can be bought online only —

~~ Camp Shburit Zechucha celebrating the shortest day and ruining your vacation plans ~~

It’s the last weekend before Christmas/ Hannukah. You came especially to Israel. All your life you dreamt of going to the christmas mass at Bethlehem, the midnight lutheran mass in Jerusalem to sing hymns surrounded by candles, or maybe go to absorb the spirit of the wailing wall, the remains of the holy temple, on the same day that it was purified for the last time.

Well these are all very nice plans, but how are you going to do all this hung over?

The infamous Shburit Zechocha party, all of Saturday, noon to night. Our system of beliefs – Cheap drinks*, extra-fun music. Your mom will just have to settle for a postcard you bought online.

DJ’s names that you never heard of but they are all amazing:

<>✦<>♪ Dj ToyToy ♫<>✦<>
Toy-toy the space invader, here to kidnap helpless souls back to his home planet
<>✦<>♪ Dj Shadmi ♫<>✦<>
Tom Shadmi the wonder kid from the town of wonder kids!(Ramat-Gan. Most wonder kids per capita world wide)
<>✦<>♪ Dj Orlyn ♫<>✦<>
Orlyn – one of our grounding mothers (of the camp, not israel you fool) going to shake your ground.
<>✦<>♪ Dj LaZak ♫<>✦<>
LaZak will kick your fine ass to the African- Brazilian electronic bass set.
Or to make a story short – get tickets:
* Real cheap, not ‘tel-aviv’ cheap.

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