Sat 25 January 2020 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Atar - Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

Winter Beat / Neta Dror
Curator: Lia Ziegler

Festive Opening: Saturday, 25.1.20 at 20:00

Winter Beat is the first solo exhibition for artist Neta Dror, an ambitious and space-dependent installation that includes sculpture, video and sound work, and is part of the residency project hosted by the Jaffa Museum, in which Dror participated in 2019. The ancient 18th-century building was built on the remains of a Crusader and multi-use fort. These include the old Ottoman administration (Saraya), a soap-making factory, a road hostel until the early 1980s, since it houses the Jaffa Antiquities Museum, which presented the findings of the archeological excavations in Tel-Jaffa. Tiny archaeological and marginalized. The building on its face is empty and gaping, with an extensive history and at the same time missing and partial, reveals a tapping and a tapping cap. Between the historical structure and the nature of the work of the artist, an intrinsic link lives on in the exhibits and relics, labeling its own actions into the timeline, which the museum collapses into. Dror is a collecting artist, who deals with cataloging, mapping and duration as a recurring practice in her works.

In a winter beating, Dror refers directly to the structure and its architectural form, turning its gaze and body into its artillery boundaries, as if passing through and collecting the hidden beyond the wall and the noisy between the ceiling and floor. Apparently implying the invisible, sound waves echo the invisible. The whole, is split and the fragment, or the remnant undergoes a fusion and fusion.

Lock: 29.2.20

Days and Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 15: 00-19: 00, Sat 11: 00-15: 00
Website, Solomon Bay Promenade 10, Old Jaffa

Graphic Design: The Three Bears

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