Thu 7 March 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Art Club - Lilienblum 23, Tel Aviv,

Welcome to the night factory of Wicked!
After celebrating with us for a year in the most exciting and imaginative way imaginable, and a moment before the frenzy and madness of Purim, Waked returns to look after you for the best night, right and beautiful there is.
As always, we have invested in a dreamy up-to-date and placement that will make you happy: The Hart Club was recently announced by Time Out as the wet dream of the Tel Aviv rioters: and quite rightly. On the ruins of the Honigman factory, an industrial space was built with an urban vibe, designed in a dark, hanger-like style that would not shame New York’s hot deserted parties.
We took care of you this time – Indor and Outdor. As the party thunders in the inner space, we will take care of the indulgent cocktails and chill area in the outer space.

And as you were waiting to know, here is what will happen behind the post:

Sebo K
His grandfather Kay is the stage name of Sebastian Klopt – one of the most influential and interesting DJs and composers in the Berlin scene. With a road that passed through Residency at the legendary Watergate Club, where he has been holding since 2002 – how not, he has turned his party line into one of the most popular and beloved in the history of the city, something the Berlin clippers expected him week after week. His grandfather Kay was famous as a record player with a new musical line that combines contemporary minimalist masterpieces, deep house, techno Detroit and Chicago classics. It is not surprising, therefore, that Lien’s parties have moved out of Berlin and spread to the rest of Europe, too, and his calendar has become one of the busiest we know – but now he’s on his way to us!
Take note – it’s not just an eclectic and daring DJ of House and Techno, but also a mega-talented producer. With wonderful relays in the libels, such as the leaders of Ania Schneider, where he found a home for his hits one after the other, as well as Aubum, Rikidis and even his own label, which is named Sanario Music, along with remixes. Are proud to host in Tel Aviv one of the main people responsible for the Berlin sound revolution!

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