Thu 16 May 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Old Jaffa - Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

Amphi Tirosh in the Garden of the Summit hosts “Marrakesh Express”, “Avihu Pinhasov rhythm club” and the band ABBA official tribute from Sweden in the band’s songs of all time!

Kedumim Square – The Israeli Opera in spectacular operatic performance to the best of Eurovision songs and innovative electronic vehicles from Germany, Romania and Austria – into the night.

Summit Gardens Amphitheater Tirosh:

21:30 | Marrakech Express
Oriental Grove Mediterranean with influences from Moroccan and Andalusian music, combined with French chansons and classical Arabic music. A celebration of sweeping world music that combines East and West classics …

22:30 | Magi Hikri
“Electro Arab” – Middle East seasoned Arabeh Beat

24:00 | Avihu Pinhasov ‘s Club
Feast color and stimulates the senses with a mixture of cultures, genres and periods, Elvis meets Aris San, disco and F’ank, Greek Music and Turkish
| Avihu Pinhasov – voice, face and spirit of the club | Haim Romano – bouzouki | bud Eisenberg – Bass | Nir Tayeb – Wind Instruments | Yiftach Shahaf – Guitars | Yair Tsabari – Vocals, Percussion | Tal Kochavi – Drums

| ARRIVAL from Sweden in the best ABBA show |
The official tribute band ABBA songs of Swedish band of all time

Kikar Kedumim:

21:00 | Opera performance Aofraim best Eurovision songs

22:00 | * * * Electro Europe * * *
An electronic soundtrack for chess – an interactive musical show

The Romanian team, Caprop Knut Kasparov, began to create music for chess rules and strategies. It may sound complex, but the result is live, energetic and dancing music that hints at classical music, oriental tastes and especially the powerful sound of a dance floor that makes you jump and shout.

But wait, it’s not just the music … chances are you’ll also see ballet dancers on stage or at least a theater show. Sometimes the music is a silent avant-garde or a chess game whose participants are the audience. Volunteers from the audience are invited to play in public chess.

The show is being held courtesy of the Romanian Embassy in Israel and in cooperation with the EU Delegation

23:30 | Symphony of Now

” Symphony of Now ” is a cinematic love letter, a hidden view of Berlin of the night, the way some artists express their love for the city and for the time.

This is a unique project created by the director Johannes Schaff (“Dos Wasap”),

With a live soundtrack composed by Frank Weidemann – the German super-conglomerate ยป The soundtrack sorcerer, who took part in the work many esteemed musicians including Modslktor, get live DJ makes eminent (Distofian, Flng’nt, Ainrooiz’ns)

The show takes place courtesy of the German Embassy in Israel and cooperation with the EU Delegation

24:30 | Cid Rim The

acclaimed Austrian jazz drummer, combining multiple instruments

, continues the Viennese jazz tradition and flirts with electronic music, progressive dance, hip hop, remix and an electric live show.

The singer LYLIT will be accompanied by deep female singing and full of emotions.

The show is being held courtesy of the Austrian Embassy in Israel and in cooperation with the European Union Delegation

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