Sat 29 September 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Clipa Theater - Harakevet 38, Tel Aviv,

Only 60 people will go to heaven – will you be among them?

After 10 years of rupture, our Paradox goes to the next world, and you are invited to accompany her on her last journey in a heavenly paradise on earth.
The number of places is very limited!

“Paradise” shows behind the scenes of a play about the creation story. A few words, a lot of movement, and especially boundless physical humor. After 10 years of marvelous, exaggerated and full of memories, it’s time to part in the storm in a paradise-filled evening.
Our Last Evening Schedule on Earth:
“The Song of the Tree”: The ancient ficus tree at the entrance to the theater receives the opportunity to voice its voice in an interactive show by Yoni Tal and Alian Volgi

Paradise in a final and final show
Special cocktails at the bar: Adam, Eve and the Snake
A party into the night with DJ Ziv Bresci picking up a special Heaven and Hell
Players will hold their characters until the last moments of the Mingling!

The creation of members of the Klipa Group in collaboration with Masha Nemirovsky.
They appear: Idit Herman, Arthur Astman / Fyodor Makarov, Oded Zaza Zadok, Amit Bar-Am, Raphael K. Hauges.
Dramaturgy: Masha Nemirovsky
Set: Dmitry Tulpanov
Costumes: Idit Herman
Lighting: Uri Morag

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