Thu 11 July 2019 | 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

If you can really imagine it – it might happen!

We are no longer sitting in the slot of “marginal culture” in Israel … long ago no longer. What was once considered a “secret secret” of a small community from all over the world and the world was fulfilled in accordance with the preliminary prophecies …
and with a loud roar!
The Israeli head, as in high-tech, as well as in altronic music, has a wonderful and rare creativity, and it is no coincidence that he leads the world scene.

So you probably already understand where this is going.
We are part of an entire generation that wants to dance quietly and this time it does not intend to give up this basic and clear right.
The time has come to go out into the real space, to work diligently, to put the ego and disagreements aside, to recruit the best professionals and to go through with it to the end.
It’s time to stand up for ours!
To change the grim cultural reality in our country!
It is the mission of our generation – to come from a long and convoluted and experienced way to make a great change for the better, for the present and future of all of us in this country.

Just before the big demonstration on 18.7 in Rabin Square, we need you to raise funds for the association that we set up and lead this struggle – the Association for Cultural Freedom.
This Thursday, this journey, whose end is not known, but through which the darkness shines in a lot of hope, this journey will begin here, on three stretches, filled with youthful young volunteers who have joined the ranks of

the Israeli people. And we Israelis can raise our heads proudly in light of this fact and we can all do it together on Thursday, with support and contribution, as we dance quietly, wide, to the sound of their magic.

Highlights: Most of the profits from the sale of entry tickets to the event will be a contribution to the Freedom of Culture association, to finance its activities, including the production of a demonstration on 18.7 in Rabin Square.
All the artists participating in this event donate their wages to the organization.

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