Fri 9 August 2019 | 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Beit Daniel - Bnei Dan 62, Tel Aviv,

“Can’t Silence Them and Don’t Silence Ourselves” – A Gender Violence Activism Conference

When? On 9.8.19 am 9am to 2pm
Where? The conference will be held at Daniel, 62 Bnei Dan Street, Tel Aviv.
So what will it be?
9:00 – Gathering and light refreshments
9: 30-10: 15 Fight against gender violence in Jewish sources, led by a lot of Ayala Sheshua-Miron, the representative of the Dinah girls, and a community leader, Bat Ayin.
10: 30 12: 00 So what can you do? a meeting with the leaders of the struggle feminine spirit Tamar Schwartz (economic independence for victims of violence) and Mia Rashish organization Lotem (counterterrorism gender).
12: 00- 12:30 light lunch
12: 30 14: 00 how do lobbying movement? how to recruit members of the community? what is the action plan? led by Adi Blum and waves Gbrobitz
14:00 Shabbat Shalom!

So how do you arrive? This light rail line line 5 takes you from a central train station. If you come by car, if you cross Namir Road to the east, and search the neighborhoods there, the chance of finding parking increases significantly.

A little about our amazing speakers:

Tamar Schwartz-CEO Female Spirit
Tamar has been the CEO of the Female Spirit Association for about 4 years. The Female Spirit Association has been involved in the economic rehabilitation of women affected by violence. During these years, the scope of the association’s activities expanded, branches in Lod, Iksal, Beitar Illit, Be’er Sheva, Haifa and Nahariya, as well as the association, have recently been awarded the effectiveness of the “Dimensions” organization for 2019 and the status of “Special Adviser” to the United Nations in the field of the fight against violence against women.
Over the years, Tamar has received prestigious awards for her unique activities – IDF Education Prize, Ashalim Award – Joint Work for At-Risk Children, Whole Foundation Award for Work with Children with Special Needs, President’s Award for Combating Human Trafficking, and Honorable Mention of Equality Social
Spirit on the Fight against Violence A female spirit association deals with the economic empowerment of women who are harmed by violence. The brief aim is to allow a woman, on the day after leaving the cycle of violence, to stand up and be independent – go out to work, study, run a household and an independent bank account, etc. Basic Life Skills And Unfortunately Women Are Violently Injured, Many Often, These Skills Are Missing Due To The Weak Social and personal for many years.

Lots of fun-Yaron Ayala
Ayala documentary filmmaker with a Bachelor of Arts at Tel Aviv University and an MA in screenwriting from UCLA.
She was ordained a rabbinate by Hebrew Union College in 2005 and that year she was a partner in founding a community in Bat Ayin, a Reform community in Rosh Hayin. Today, she teaches and accompanies first-year students in the Israeli rabbinical program at HUC Jerusalem.

Mia Brsisit-
active and one of the founders of the Lot”m- counterterrorism gender.
In 2016, while still producing the Slutwalk, they became aware of a wave of murders of women can not be ignored, and declared the annual theme of the march will be violence against women in particular murder of women in institutions do not operate to prevent Since then, they have been operating in the field in various ways that have intensified in response to what has happened on the subject and in a reactive way to parliamentary and political conduct on the issue.
The LOTM was established to create an effective and stable long-term infrastructure for the radical front of the struggle, which is a necessary front in every fight. The actions include a wide range of types of action; demonstrations in central Jerusalem places, linked to the Knesset’s fences before committees on the issue, produced “booming silence”. “To raise public awareness of the issue, graffiti around the city bearing the names of the women murdered that year, formed ads but with the names of those murdered hanging in front of a night before a committee on the subject, protested at the award of the Knesset’s dearest member Eyal Golan, created a landing page counting the days of promising The government for budget transfer, we printed stickers for the garment lapel on them The letter “Remember – For Victims of Gender Terror” alongside an image of the Lotus flower, and we even changed the sign for the city from “Welcome” to “Welcome”

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