Mon 31 December 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Zen Groove - Itzhak Sade 29, Tel Aviv,

It has become a healthy trend! Angels walking with the “Derech Ha’avav” family. To plunge in to the truth of the heart, to the heavenly and ecstatic experience of together and open the gate to infinite love ♥

So, ‘Is this even walking angels ?!
There is no stronger energy than the one that flows between people who relate to each other! Loving touch is the first desire we seek and experience, and therefore also through a powerful healing of the body and soul. The “Angel Walk” meeting enables us to experience the first touch, pure and clean, human and loving, which is so necessary and healthy for us today …

Why should I participate?
So first of all this is truly a heavenly experience. Those who tried felt … and those who did not, must feel! Just like that. This is the place to accept the basic and simple need of a healthy love. To meet our inner world, to feel a natural “Hey”, to float and release … and hence to walk in trust, unity and peace.

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