Mon 5 February 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
VOODOO - Ben Zion 1, Tel Aviv,

Darkness, ultraviolet lit costumes, a beat that does not stop, Trek becomes a song merging into the next trek, Video Art Live, Live Performance. Umigud!
This coming Monday Voodoo will become an ultraviolet cave. Not like in the Nineties, as in the future! We are proud to host two truly amazing ensembles:
A Cat
Two people, a computer, poetry and an alien guitar. Style: Electro-Rock-Techno-Dream-Afro-Disco. Sound: Minimalist world techno, West African-inspired beats, melodies influenced by rock, soles, polycolors, all kinds. After a long period in the studio, they return to perform for the first album to be released in June.

Choke Beat Orchestra – Adi Rotem’s film project won an amazing addition this year – Peter Spicy, Spirulina and Jenny Pankin). Together, the quartet creates a performance of live bits that combines real-time video art on stage.

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