Tue 20 November 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
VOODOO - Ben Zion 1, Tel Aviv, FREE

The Voodoo hosts Niviro Hotel

20.11 / Tuesday / 21:00 / Free entrance

And this time you won a lecture by Dr. Yigal Ben-Nun on the subject – Yehovah’s wife
A performance by the Rimujaki – the Nibiru pair of lizards – in songs from the ancient East
Will accompany the evening in the e-mail Fayniki – Dominique Grace
The video will be accompanied by Canaanite images – Vera Korman

Dr. Yigal Ben-Nun, a Bible scholar from the Sorbonne University in Paris, specializes in the historiography of the Biblical collection, the history of the cult during the monarchy and the history of Moroccan Jewry. Doctor: His first doctorate was in the field of modern history and the second dealt with the history of the northern kingdom, the Kingdom of Israel, which was the strongest of the two pre-biblical kingdoms. Dr. Ben-Nun is a prolific researcher and his list of publications is long and rich in its contents. In the year 2017, Dr. Ben-Nun published a book called Short History of the Lord
Lectured at Bar-Ilan University on certificate courses on Israeli art. He served as Chairman of the Department of Culture and Art at the Histadrut. Artist, curator and artistic director in the field of plastic art and interart. Served as a member of the Culture and Arts Council and a member of the Omanut Laam Executive. He worked in contemporary art, performance art, interart and post-modern dance
And most importantly, Nadav Ben-Nun’s father

The course of events:
Live Audio – Video – Dominic Grace
22:30 Lecture by Dr. Yigal Ben-Nun
Live Audio – Video – Dominique Grace / Vera Korman
23:30 – Ramogaki / Video Performance – Vera Korman
00:15 – A monkey will catch an alternation.

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