Wed 21 February 2018 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Zoo Zoo - Rothschild Boulevard 32, Tel Aviv,

In the lecture we will learn how to keep our dogs and cats healthy for a long time. What is desirable to do and what is forbidden, what is really healthy for them and what is liable to harm their safety?

As a veterinarian I meet many cases that could have been avoided. Some of them add up to an unnecessary visit to the clinic, some of them in great distress and even death. In the lecture we will talk about what every owner must know in order to prevent these cases.

What is between dogs and cats and onions, garlic and chocolate? Why can not a cat and a pot of white lily be able to live in the same house? What is marijuana poisoning? Why should not they be given paracetamol? Do they really know not to eat what harms them? How to spend a summer outing at the beach or running on a promenade without finishing with a heat stroke or a limp? What is an allergy? Why not give the dog the bones at the end of the meal and what is the intolerance to the milk?

All this will be discussed in a lecture. If there is a specific topic that interests you, you are invited to send me in advance and I will try to answer.

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