Thu 28 June 2018 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Yehuda HaLevi 19 - Yehuda HaLevi 19, Tel Aviv,

Happy Happy Roof party.
TLV’s White night might seem like the perfect time for it to show it’s crazy night life and so and so but looks can be deceiving, Tel Aviviens cover themselves in blankets setting their AC to 21 degrees, complaining about life and drowning their sorrows in fretful posts and Netflix.

We spontaneously decided to offer an alternative of contempt and disgrace.

We’ll be at the beautiful and horrid roof of Yehuda Ha’Levy 19, Passing along shots and slaps. at 00:15 there will a surprise show that will make you go – ??? -> !!! -> 🙂
Look at the LINE UP!
Alcohol at friendly prices and all your filthy money will be donated to good cause -> יאללה – משנים מהספה a civic engagement app that will soon make here some positive mass.

COME EARLY because last time we were sold out and we have no energy to sell tickets in advance so just come early.
Starting at 22:00, White Night 28/6
entrance t’ill 23:30 – 30
from 23:30 till sunrise – 40

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