Thu 4 July 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Hangar 11 - יורדי הסירה 1, Tel Aviv,

The voice of Greece Vassilis Karras arrives in Israel for a fascinating and moving show. Which will include the best repertoire of Karras, joined by a play by his protege Christos Minidiatis, who is considered the future generation of Greek music. The performance is accompanied by 15 musicians.

The show will take place on 4.7.19 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, where customers will be offered

200 NIS discount on selected price levels

Vassilis Karras The father of the singers is a cultural hero in Greece and throughout Europe and America. At the age of 16 he first came to the prosfygas club in Salonika and received the first opportunity to sing. No one remained indifferent when they heard his deep and very unique voice and the audience fell in love with him at once. And so the myth was born Vasilis Karras only 16 years old became a star in the suburbs of Thessaloniki and his name became famous in all the Bozukia clubs in Greece in a very short time. In the 1970s, he established his position when he began to sing in the popular Láka style. And in the 80’s recorded the album alismonites and achieved tremendous success. Karras’ very unique style and his appeal to the Greek public in the nightlife industry in Greece drove him to the status of a national star. In 96 when he recorded in conjunction with phoebus the album tilefonise mou was a huge success. He has dozens of albums sold in millions of copies around the world and has often won platinum and gold albums. Some of Vasilys Karras’ hits were performed in Israel in Hebrew by Haim Moshe Divrei Elai. The kiss was performed by Itzik Kalla and Moshik Afia. It does not do anything to me that Stalos and Oren Chen and many others did. Most of Vasilis Karras’s poems are about lost loves. Memories. And songs about his hometown. Vassilis Karras promoted the best Greek singers of the present generation. Christ Minidiatis. Paula. Christos Dantis. Erini Papadopoulos. And Pendelis Pendelidis are part of a very long list that has gained tremendous exposure after collaborating with him on the same stage.
A fascinating and unforgettable experience for lovers of Greek music in Israel !!!!


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