Tue 6 August 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv,

Over the past few days, you’ve seen them arrested, crying in disbelief. You’ve seen Immigration Authority officers breaking into their homes, hunting them in the streets. You’ve seen the Ministry of the Interior take care of these children and their mothers, who have taken care of so many people in Israel. You’ve seen this horror show in play here, in our home and theirs, in Israel.

But you’ve also seen other sights. You’ve seen the kids’ friends outside the prison, crying out for the children to be released. You’ve seen thousands of people act: teachers, friends, neighbors, grateful patients, soldiers who were once marked for deportation themselves, and the mayors defending the children. You’ve seen a different face of Israeli society.

You’ve seen the horror. You’ve seen the love. The UCI mothers fighting for the children have joined the school parent organizations, and volunteers from all walks of Israeli society, in organizing an emergency rally titled: DON’T DEPORT KIDS!

On Tuesday 6.8 at 19:00, Tel Aviv Museum, we will all be there, together with the families in danger of deportation. Artists will perform, public figures will speak, and above all, a great crowd of girls and boys and women and men, human beings, all belonging to one single family, all choosing love, and putting a stop to the horror of deportation.
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