Thu 28 February 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:15 pm
BuXa - Rothschild Boulevard 31, Tel Aviv, & Slow – The Slow movement is proud to present:

Non Digital Day 2019 – the first book party in the world to be launched.

– Admission is free and subject to the rules of the event – this Thursday, February 28, 2009, our official annual party with two important laws:

1. The use of cell phones is forbidden in all areas of the place.
2. Entrance will be allowed only to guests arriving with a book! Yes book!

We do not laugh!

The story is over!

Another threatening exclamation mark!

That is, a book you brought from home = an entrance ticket to an event.

Why? Why so?
– Because we dreamed about it at night
– Because no one ever tried it
– Because in 2019 something very extreme has to be done in order to raise a real party without smartphones, storiz, notipacks, and blue lights, distracting and seductive.


music will be responsible for the following talented studs:

Itai Pasha
Itamar Judah Klüger
Moti Goldzamd

clarification about the deal with the book:
the book you brought you will be prompted our entry position. On your departure you can choose a different book from the library that will be composed of the other guest books that are also participating in the event. Everyone brings a book – everyone comes out with a book.

Concord End:
This is a unique event and a one time opportunity to experience a stress free Tel Aviv evening and agree with the aromas of yesteryear in the past.

Yours in
friendship, in fear, in infinite innocence and blessing –

a non-digital day ‘2019 Happy!

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