Thu 25 October 2018 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv,

The Sound Temple Call Us – Thursday 25.10.18
Underground from the north
A commune and a grandmother from the block
Schwia Sound System of the Cosmos
And for dessert, Sitik takes over the squat!

We like to refresh
We love emotion
And we mostly like to see you turn the plaza into one unit pulsating, breathing the wav, turning on the flame, and turning all these details into one whole gift.

On the line between the trance, the techno, the passiviant, the glider, people pass by.
People are not a one-dimensional thing, they are a whole world
They are a world that contains openness, creativity, affection, humor and good taste.
We gathered the best of all worlds, and made sure they fit into each other.
So that at the end of the day, no matter what wide range you find yourself, you will feel our heart, who thought of you, who felt what was talking to you.
And it’s not that difficult, because to get to know one, we looked first inside into ourselves.

A word from Underground Tim
Our friends wow, since May we have not met.
And some things have happened since then.
One partner got married, two became a father
And despite all this, we miss you madly, thinking all the time when and how our next tribe will meet, and how good it will do for you in the soul!
Contrary to what you are used to, this time we had time, and we built you a Linap as we never built. We dug and dug and dug, and in the end we reached the well.

Mila Musawaya Sound System:
Shyness is false !!!
In a month we will celebrate the two years of our existence, but a moment before, we had to fulfill another huge dream of ours – and that is to bring our color to the best club in Israel !!
The one called the Sound Temple, the one that turns into nights, the one that gives a real spectacle to ballers.
And you know what’s more? This is the only club that prefers us, the music people, before the gel with the pony and heels.
Get ready to get lost with us. Then find it.
Do not know what .. but you will find.

Word from Mystic:
Hi Techno Pipollel!
Tal Tobi and Yishai celebrate a birthday !!
Grandma hosts us in the most techno-savvy area in the Middle East!
We come with all the energy, style, love for the field and the desire to do you good!
With all my might it is the FFA of King Understatement!

A word from all of us:
מוזיקהההההההההההההה !!
And also: In honor of this insane combination, the block flowed and allowed us to open the …
You are the …. the yard !!!!

Here we go … hold on tight!

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