Thu 27 September 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Rega Salon - Shenkin 57, Tel Aviv,

More kicking, more sting, more unusual, uncoated, a new online magazine going out into the air, and how not, must have a truly fascinating event.

– What’s going to be?
4 short and interesting lectures with creators and inspirational artists.
Selling prentices that do not slide in the throat.
Print on demand of artisans.
Extreme wavies and great music.

Invited and invited to be part of something new and exciting happening here!

– What is not going to be?
An embarrassing mingling murder.
Cheap wine.

– Where and when to launch?
Coffee moment
Sheinkin Street 57, Tel Aviv

– A little about the magazine
Uncoated is a new design magazine focused on the fields of illustration, art and print, and stretching of the spectrum boundaries. The magazine will provide a broad platform for artists, with an emphasis on work processes and the final product. We will be very grateful to the students and artists you probably never heard of.

The magazine places emphasis on covering areas that do not receive proper journalistic coverage, and works to promote the artists in the areas in question, through in-depth articles, reviews, exposure of active designers and students. Also, the magazine will be a fair trading arena (!) For all creators on the creative spectrum.

– Who we are?
Haim Shoshan and Tal Solomon Vardi, creators, designers, writers, entrepreneurs and artists. We knew that life had given Tall the first book. Since then – history (hysteria). There are rumors that we are brothers, but we do not approve.

Special thanks to Janet Yontaf of Fontef – stamping letters on the fonts
And the craftsmen for support and help

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