Sat 15 January 2022 | 4:00 pm - 11:59 pm
phi garden - Ha'am 54, Tel Aviv,

ULTRA, a first of its kind dance party.
A new generation has taken over Tel Aviv’s nightlife. Become a part of this journey of exaltation by joining us now.

We specialize in creating a safe, comfortable, and explorational hybrid environment for those who enjoy hard and hyper dance music. Enjoy a turbo-charged getaway from the real world to the unlimited options dance-floor.

As a tribute to the power of music, we have brought together the masters of technology to create a magical Ⓒⓐⓑⓔ-β’»β“‘β“”β“” β’Ήβ“β“β“’β“˜β“β“– night for everyone.

4pm–4am with

4pm πŸͺ… Shay Lerner
7pm πŸͺ… Tomer Versace (𝑑ₑ𝑏ᡀ𝑑ₑ κœ±β‚‘π‘‘)
8pm πŸͺ… Guy Assif
10pm πŸͺ… SH SE
00am πŸͺ… β‚’π‘›β‚‘π‘‘α΅’π‘šβ‚‘ κœ±π’‘β‚‘π‘α΅’β‚ΤΌ UltraB2B2B2B

All early adopters are invited to our first pilot for 360 people only. 60β‚ͺ Presale tickets available on

πŸ’’ Ⓚⓛⓣⓑⓐ πŸ’’
Phi Garden, Ahad Ha’am 54, Tel Aviv
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