Sat 8 February 2020 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Inbal Dance Theater - Yehieli 6, Tel Aviv,

Two – 2 Works by Anat Oz and Daphne Dodovich

Introtention Coda:

The Coda of Inner Attention Reveals Conflict of the Performer, in the Triple-Dancer-Creator Relationship with the Audience.

Among other things, the piece deals with questions of hidden essence and intent at the heart of the operation.
The internal ugliness becomes external beauty, weakness and vulnerability is revealed as a perfuming power and virtuosity gets the taste of lollipop to the viewer.

Choreography and Writing: Anat Oz
Performing: Nathalie Kramer and Anat Oz
Music: Ludwik Minkus – Qon quixote, Jan Sulcek & Jan Vacek – The pain and euphoria of ballet (soundtreck), Blonde Redhead – For the damaged + coda.

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