Sat 3 February 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Gagarin - Derech Salame 46, Tel Aviv,

“What do you see in them for heaven’s sake??”
The mother was already long impatient after her daughter failed again to appear to dinner on time.
“But mother, it’s so hard to explain. I can only say I’m feeling something which is amazing. A kind of a feeling I’m getting nowhere else.”
“Oh come on!”, said the mother. “It’s only a party. There a million other parties like this one everyday”, said the mother and scrolled down the midburn community calendar to prove her point.
“Ugh Mom.” responded the daughter and went on, “Do you remember the first time you and dad kissed? Can you still recall the first time you felt genuinely free? The first time you smiled at the world, and got a huge glowing grin in return?”.

Of course she did. She even remembered *A name of someone from the camp you probably don’t know + a reference to some camp mythology you are not aware of* . Her eyes were now filled with tears. There is nothing else she wants more than getting this feeling again. “So that’s the feeling you get in their parties?”
“YES! And not only that, it gets better each and every time.”

By then everything was already made clear. Her daughter life is about living. Living the moment, in the moment.
Living for the tiny chance she’ll get noticed by *Someone hot you don’t know (SHYDK)* , dance next to *Someone sleazy you don’t know (SLYDK)*, be hugged by *SSYDK* and have Tubi (Some israeli drink you are going to know very well) spilled on her by *SDYDK*.

“I think I understand now my dear beloved daughter”, said the mother and added “Now tell me, are these people having one of these parties somewhen soon, seeing that you seem so excited?”.
“Yes Mom! They do! And these people are not just people, they call themselves Shburit Zechucha, which is a very meaningful in the secrets of the Kabballah!”
“So tell me when is it. I will come as well!” said the mother, and the daughter was quick to respond “Oh mother, do come! Here are all the details”

Shburit Zechucha (watch it, very strong kabbalistic value) Presents:

The annual Tubi-Shvat party!
When – saturday
Where – Gagarin, Shalame st. 46, Tel aviv.
How much – 30 for early arrivers who marked “F%*^$ING GOING” in the event, 40 for the late bloomers.
What’s to drink – Non tel aviv prices for light liquer, hard liquer, shots fired, shots avoided matrix style, chasers and Tubi
Dj Dvivonout
Dj Yaara Goldman
Dj Tom Shadmi
Dj vivo
Are you a level 2 burner and above? Don’t forget to bring your glass! (or you will be downgraded by the central burners valuation committee, this year to be headed by *SHYDK*).
I want your love (Spin Doctors you spin me round (like a record), 1985)

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