Fri 1 June 2018 - Sat 2 June 2018 | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Cesarea - Cesarea, Cesarea,

We invite you to receive Shabbat, singing and melodies, in which we will truly meet, celebrate together our being a tribe of brothers and sisters together. We’ll sit around the fire, sing, sing, eat together the delicious foods we all bring.

From the point of view of the Loose, you are very welcome to every Friday from the establishment to the decomposition. However, the event is flexible and open, you will feel comfortable coming, going and coming back, when you feel it.

10:00 Rolling and construction
18:00 Gathering for an introductory session
Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner
21:00 Vocals, melodies, chats and essays into the night 🙂

You are invited to sleep, from the experience in the wee hours of the night, there are always surprises

09:00 to the comets! For example chi kung / yoga / mandala workshop / reading haiku songs and anything you want to initiate, we are very curious 🙂
11:00 brunch Shabbat with all the treats of yesterday and all the delicacies (jehnun someone?) Who come with whoever comes in the morning
16:00 End circle
18:00 folding and stretching

Bring: water, water, water and happiness … musical instruments, joint food for dinner on Friday, eating and snacks for the morning, personal equipment for the sea and night, * multi-time utensils. And people you love we can love too 🙂

Do not bring: friends, we love animals, but … even though it’s a sea, ask not to bring dogs to the event … we know that sometimes the owner of the dog is really with good intentions and tries to keep, and probably the dog cute, small, communicative, delicate … Many attempts and not good for the presence and meeting of dogs with many people … this time without … sorry for the owners of dogs …

In the framework of events to meet in the Pardes Hanna area, this is the third event we organize. These meetings come from our free will to a real meeting, my friends, a bit like it used to be to rejoin the tribe together. The meetings are free of charge in order to create a group of friends who are happy to be together. We are looking for partners who want to initiate and create additional events together. For further details and to contact us:

** Friends, although the event is free of charge, however, there are costs for this event, from buying wood to fire to tea tea, etc. In the event there will be a box – each one to cover expenses and costs only.

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