Sun 23 February 2020 | 10:00 pm
Herzl Street 16 - Herzl 16, Tel Aviv,

The Tractor’s Revenge
live performance Herzl 16

Tractor’s Revenge, rock bands veteran Israel marks 30 years of work based on Rock on Vintage

Tractor’s Revenge started out in 1989 in partnership formed between Avi Balili Green, who began formulating sketches and attempts when the guideline is music accessible And yet different and different. Then Dani Makov also joined the drums and Ophir Leibowitz on the guitars.

Over the years, the band has developed an extensive and varied musical career that includes 9 albums (including a poetry album), various types of performances and unique collaborations that have produced songs that have made their mark in Israeli culture and established their status as an Israeli rock band as well as a different and unexpected artistic band that incorporates music, dance, And theater.

A unique, energetic and exciting performance with their greatest hits of all time: A Game of Tears, The Lord of Forgiveness, is, One Who Knows, Wandering To You, Jungle Development, Bike and Book, Talking to Me, Kites, Quiet, Adrenaline, Only Stays Running, Around , What for my love, flat screens and many more good ones.

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