Sun 7 April 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Dancing Carmel - Hataasia 12, Tel Aviv,

Gilad Alper, the number 3 candidate on the Zehut Party list, is a leading economist with vast experience in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Alper has been a strong advocate for a libertarian platform that proposes to free Israel from the handcuffs of over-regulation, ubiquitous cronyism and daunting bureaucracy that currently strangle the Israeli economy and society in general. Gilad Alper has been the key figure in drafting the Zehut Party’s economic platform and we are honored that he has agreed to present that at the Dancing Camel. You can read more about Mr. Alper here:

The format for the evening will be a town hall style meeting, meaning that following a brief introduction, the bulk of the evening will be open for questions and answers. If you care about the state of affairs in Israel today, it behooves you to come and come prepared with questions.

Final note: This is neither a pep-rally for Zehut nor a soapbox for sloganeering from the dizzying array of other political parties. We expect questions to be open, frank and respectful so as to foster an atmosphere of discussion and dialogue. We will maintain a civil decorum; any who are not willing to do so will be invited to leave. Now…let’s get down to business…

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