Fri 6 January 2017 - Sun 8 January 2017 | 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
Amiad Street - Amiad Street, Tel Aviv, 600-750 NIS

Get ready for 3 nights and days of craziness!!

This is a dream come true! An international salsa congress, with many guests from abroad, unforgettable dances, great workshops and electrifying atmosphere in a legendary historical spot. All that with the salsa masters!
★ Fernando Sosa – Milano
★ Adolfo Indacochea – Milano
★ Tropical Jem (6 persons) – Milano
★ Latin Soul Dancers (6 persons) – Milano
★ Maykel Fonts – Milano
★ Onasaka – France
★ Leah Boresow – USA
★ Oliwia – Poland
★ Dj Folivi

Those artists will give you their soul with hard core workshops, breathtaking performances and endless dances on the dancefloor.

★★★ Our Goal ★★★
We started TLV Salsa Congress to bring you the best line-up in a reasonable price. We want everyone to have the chance to enjoy our event and artists, and all that in magical venue that will take you to a whole new and unique experience..

★★★ The Parties ★★★
Starting at noon on Friday with an awesome party that will take over you totally… The magical and enchanted venue, the masters of salsa, the best music and tons of great dancers, get ready for some unforgettable times.

★★★ The Workshops ★★★
Our workshops will take you to the next level. For those who already had the pleasure to learn from Fernando and Adolfo know what we are talking about, for others, you are in for a treat! Moreover, you will get to experience diverse workshops with international and the best local instructors.

★★★ The Venue ★★★
The Venue is in the heart of Tel-Aviv Jaffa in the center of the old Jaffa. The unique design, a spectacular combination of old and new brings to you a really magical atmosphere.

★★★ The Performances ★★★
Those performers closing the shows of the biggest events in the world. We will get to see them live! Here in Tel Aviv! In addition we will get to witness for some more international and local performances that will take your breath away!

★★★ Why Israel ★★★
Israel is a place you heard of since you were a child. Come now to experience it in outstanding experience with the thing you love: Salsa. Israel is place full history and substance and yet a very modern country and holds one of the best salsa scene in the world, thousands of dancers. And Tel Aviv is the capital of all of that. Tel Aviv holds many salsa club in all styles. Every day you can find a choice of clubs around you and dancers level is great! And if you won’t to get know Israel a bit more continue to the next segment.

★★★ Tour Israel ★★★
After the three magical day of the congress we will take you for a trip in history. We go to pilgrim Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. In a day that will throw you back in time where you can feel the history come to life.

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