Thu 28 November 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Tiny Tiny Gallery - Florentin 18, Tel Aviv,

We are very happy to present the solo exhibition of Mamali, opening Thursday, November 28 at 20:00.

Mamali (Liza Dulkin)
Street artist representing yarnbombing style. Which is textile/fiber art exposed in public spaces.
‘Urban Jungle Dreaming’ is the main motive and purpose of her artistic flow. Striving to be inspired and to inspire others Liza goes outside and shares her crocheted dreams on the streets for many years now.
Public art is her high priority but the same time Mamali creates unique handcrafted goods for home, crazy cozy clothing as a slow fashion brand and covers with yarn basically everything you can and cannot imagine.
This time Mamali is going to get inside ‘The Tiny Tiny Gallery’ with her solo exhibition called ‘Who Am I בחלל?’
‘How to determine ourselves in a constantly changing reality? When outside and inner words are often a contradiction and society as a massive influencer puts us in doubts on a regular basis. Who is standing behind all this multiple roles that we play is hard to put in words and even unnecessary. So this basically a rhetorical question.
The only thing I know about myself is that I’m a creative piece of nature. All the other uncertainties of an identity and my personal emotions as being Russian Israeli/Single Mother/Female Artist/Human Being will be expressed in soft sculptures and crocheted paintings on the upcoming exhibition.’
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