Thu 28 February 2019 | 11:30 pm
Beit Maariv - karlibach 2, Tel Aviv,

Turgi & Potcha

They say they Cowboys paradise, sun fighters, lovers flamingo hats, we say that two Italians The most fun on this planet. Thursday at Maariv with Marvin & Guy!

For years, they have maintained their status as one of the hottest and most interesting coups of the time, with an endless number of hits in notable libels such as John Talbot’s Hybrand Discs, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent, DJ’s Life & Death and even a joint label they created Life of Marvin. Their colorful sets around the world prove again and again that there is life on the planet Marvin & Guy and they are a wonderful life. Let it have an effect: a

very fresh freshly brewed boiler:
From the new Efe and the LIFE & Death Spaces:
Marvin and Guy make love
Disco Cowboys in
and a little more at Cardini:
Hebern’s Disc:
Dolphins on the joint label with tennis:

Set for Beatles in Space: Podcast Tsugi

with Friends from McKinomick:

Before and After Under Ziv Sky Stars: Genia Tressol and Ido Morley Stop Time .

In the second room is Dor Reuveni, Turgi & Potasha.


Thursday – 28.2.19
Doors open – 00:00
Derech M.Begin 51
Price – 80/100 nis
50% discount till 1am
Pay ♥
Sign in over 23 years of age.
The number of places in the club is limited and entry to the club will be subject to registration on the guest list with the club staff and in order of arrival, preferably to the club’s regular customers. Confirmation of arrival in this event does not guarantee inclusion in the guest lists.

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