Sun 18 February 2018 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Suramare - Seadya Gaon 24, Tel Aviv,

On Sunday, February 18, we will have a three-minute lecture on the great inventions in history, by Dr. Ophir Jacobson, Kobi Hubera and Oded Feuerstein.
Lecture 1 – Dr. Ofir Jacobson – The invention of agriculture

There are many inventions throughout human history, but it seems that few have so dramatically influenced them that they have been called ‘revolution’. Amongst the revolutions, it seems that a place of honor has been reserved for the ‘agricultural revolution’ that changed the ways of human life in many different ways, and it is very difficult to describe how our lives looked prior to that ‘invention’.

Lecture 2 – Kobi Hubera – The invention of the machine gun
Kalashnikov is raised in the hands of a terrorist, Uzi in the hands of a paratrooper fighter, a Thompson submachine gun in the hands of a gangster in a suit, all of which are cultural icons that we all know well. But a hundred and a few years ago, the machine gun looked like a kind of technological gimmick. The world changed from the moment the machine gun came into use, and not only in the military dimension, but also in the form of popular society and culture. From the arches that shot several arrows at once to Mother 16, the twentieth century and the present century, are the hundreds of machine guns.

Lecture 3 – Oded Feuerstein (great history, small) – invention of the pill

Since arriving at the shelves, the birth control pill has been at the center of many discussions. For some, there was a means of liberating the woman from housewife-and for others, a testimony to the moral immorality of the modern age. Sometimes she was spoiled for the freedom she gave, and sometimes she was criticized for her side effects. In this lecture we will review the public discussion that developed around the pill in the sixties and seventies and try to understand – was there really a revolution there?

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