Wed 10 April 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Cafe Shapira - Ralbag 15, Tel Aviv,

On Wednesday, 10.4, we will be screening three short films dealing with relationships in the digital world: “Roni Kahana’s DAVID555DAVID”, “It’s Complicated” by Maya Meiri and Ophir Feldman’s “The Love Archive”.

The three films will be screened continuously followed by an open discussion with two of the creators, Maya and Ophir.

More about the series:
Now, no one has any doubt, the digital world, the cellular, the new media and the online media that burst into our lives in a storm of ringing, buzzing and constant updates shook us and left us unable to imagine ourselves in the old format. Always available, dependent on technology taps, navigation software, and instant messages, the generation born with a touchscreen tries to examine and understand in depth the new concepts embedded in the word “relationships.” Through a series of human stories wondering the series “Digital Relations” Can we really meet in the virtual world? What is the cost of our dependence on devices? And what value does the freedom have to turn off the mobile at the touch of a button. “The films were directed by young filmmakers, both BA and MA students in the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University, and present quality documentary work, honest and sensitive through personal and innovative voices.

More about the films:
Uncle David / Roni Kahana
Ronny’s father is a divorced man, attractive and interesting. He is an experienced architect and lecturer. For a long time he spent his day in front of his computer room and looking for the perfect partner, who will also receive him with his disability for the past eight years – paralysis from head to toe.

Maya Meiri – It ‘s Complicated
The film provides a glimpse into the director’s inbox and her acquaintance with Facebook with a guy whose identity is unknown to the viewer.
The relationship is based on the fine line between fantasy and reality, when the two characters begin to assign tasks to each other.
This is a sweet and bitter portrait of our lives that have become virtual.

The Love Archive Ofir Feldman
On the eve of the transfer of Ophir and his partner Tomer, who aspire to become parents, Ophir scans pictures and letters from his former lovers in an attempt to leave the past behind.

** The films are in Hebrew and translated into English

10.4, Wednesday, Shapira Café, Ralbag 15 Tel Aviv
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Admission is free!

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