Wed 22 August 2018 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Kanta Bar - Ibn Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv,

On Wednesday, 22.8, at the think & drink different meetings in Kanta, we will host Neil Bar, Dr. Danny Orbach, and Kobi was introduced to a three-part lecture: three brief lectures on the greatest dictators in history.

Neil Bar (one of the founders and authors of “Big History, Little One”) – Caligula:

Almost two thousand years ago, a young man named Caligula came to the throne of the Roman Empire. During his reign, he claimed to have declared himself to have appointed a horse to a senior position in the regime, which declared war on the sea and even demanded that a statue be placed in the Temple in Jerusalem. In the lecture we will dive together for the four years in which the strongest man on earth was … crazy.

Dr. Danny Orbach (Senior Lecturer in History and Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a graduate of Harvard University, author of the owl blog) – The Crazy Baron, Roman von Unger-Sternberg:

In the lecture we will wander far away to the Mongolian steppes, during the wild period of the Russian Civil War. We’ll talk about one of the smallest but most hallucinatory tyrants of the time: Roman von Unger-Sternberg, the leader of an international adventurous gang that tried to re-establish the lost empire of Genghis Khan.

Kobi Hubera (researcher, lecturer and publicist, guest expert on the “Life of Others” program on Army Radio) – Yossif Stalin:

Among the rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union in the last two centuries, one figure emerges enveloped in clouds of mythology and mysticism, the character of Joseph Stalin. Where did the religious fog of such an atheist leader come from, and was there indeed a red god, at least for the 29 years of his rule?

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