Wed 14 November 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv, 80 NIS

Hello friends,
I am very happy to invite you to a Rebirthing session – conscious, connected and circular breathing for deep emotional release. The session will take place in the magical space of the “Pele” in Tel Aviv.

What is Rebirth?
A powerful process that takes place out of deep, connected breaths.
The power of breathing is miraculous, both in healing and on the physical level, both mentally and spiritually. Various techniques of connected breathing (without the gap between inhalation and exhalation) over time create an amazing platform for opening “armor” to heal physical obstructions, mental stress, fears, traumas, and pain.

The instructor / therapist – Adi Terem, an energetic and sensitive therapist, is a graduate of Nirvan Lev’s therapists course. Believe that breathing is the most important and powerful engine in our life, and it has an amazing healing ability!

Cost – a recommended contribution of 80 NIS.
No prior registration required.

Please come in comfortable clothes (sweaters, etc.) and a personal water bottle.

A little about the Pele:
A meeting place and a gathering for all that his heart wishes to open, to connect and to love. Space for creativity, workshops, conferences, concerts, movies and events aimed at promoting love through tolerance, tolerance and giving. A place to open the heart and head and to find other partners to build a better world.
Invited and invited to come, experience, intensify, empower, be excited and just be.
An island of sanity and love in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The wonder is powered by a wonderful group of devoted volunteers whose faith is loved. Is financed entirely by the contributions of those who come to its gates.

Learn more about the Riversing method
Throughout our lives, our body and soul absorb pain and injury, and all of these accumulate in the body and are reflected in stuck energy, obstructions, and other pests. At the same time our breathing is also decreasing. Most people breathe about 1/7 of visibility and breathing, and most of us develop a pause between air intake and removal.

All this creates minimal respiration that is sufficient for minimal operation of the body systems, air is life, life energy flows through our body’s breathing, and our vitality level. Is closely related to the quality and quantity of our breathing.

During the Reversing session, we breathe deeply and are connected through the mouth, without the gap between exhalation and aspiration. This process begins to move in the body and soul powerful processes that are experienced at most levels of being, body, mind and soul. This accelerated flow of air and energy drives the body in what is blocked, stuck up, and releases things from the subconscious to the conscious. This process, in addition to the tremendous release it brings, also loads the cells and systems in our body in life, deepens our ability to be, our meditation ability and presence within the body

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