Mon 8 April 2019 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Habait Theater - Noam 5, Tel Aviv,

Three companies light a barbecue.
“Lately I have not been able to delight myself,” one of them shared with the kebabs. “Maybe you’ll find something new to imagine?” The other offered and lit the coals. The third thought of things that should not be said, so instead of talking she consoled herself with a juicy bite.

8.4 | Monday 21:00 The House Theater, Nissan Nativ House, Alexander Gress, Noam 5, Jaffa

As a result, the Levakak moves in a refined and sophisticated smoothness between a world of fairy tales and karaoke in the forest, into an arena where clich├ęs are horribly twisted. It is theater-performance, ritual, and an event that can easily develop into areas of regret: a night-time picnic that can only exist on stage, where the trickle between truth and lies can bring together the filth and holiness, deny them and at the same time mean them with absolute seriousness.

Directed by Nurit Dreamer
Appearances – Producers: Nurit Drimer, Daniel Shapira and Eyal Nathan Danielle Shapira Ilil Nathan
Lighting Design: Omer Sheizaf Omer Sheizaf
Sound and composition design: Niv DeLa Reina Gafni
Producer and producer. Director: Noa Itzhaki

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