Thu 30 March 2017 | 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
All over Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv, 150 NIS

After the crazy experience that we’ve gone through during the first wave, the second one is now on it’s way. It’s happening March 30th to April 1st.

Our main goal is to create a space that is positive and safe, and will allow us express ourselves just how we like, feeling accepted loving and loved. To give ourselves the energy, inspiration and practical tools needed to create a positive change in our daily lives.

We wish to create, to express, to dance, play, fool around, love, unite, learn, and see that it’s possible to be positive, together.

The Wave Festival is an event created from the passion and love of many people together. It’s creation was inspired by other events and communities which affect people and create ripples of change. Events such as Midburn, Rainbow, Glitch BEACH, several in Desert Ashram, and many more. We are now here to continue the flow and create the ultimate wave. The one that will go on with us, far.

In the festival we go through a process as individuals and as a group. Here’s a hint of the things we will experience together:
❋ Communal meals. Healthy & vegan and cooked by us, for all of us.
❋ An opening and closing ceremonies which will help fineline and define the event.
❋ Varied music, DJs MCs and all kinds of musicians which will take us so high and let us dive deep within.
❋ A variety of cool and mind expanding workshops and talks.
❋ An alternative market and an experience of positive trade and unique stands.
❋ Art that is colorful, surprising and eco-friendly.
❋ A cooperative BYOB (bring your own booze) Community-Bar.
❋ An open space to allow each and every person express themselves, perform and share their individual gifts.
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