Thu 29 September 2016 - Sat 1 October 2016 | 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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The Wave Festival, a unique festival concocted especially for you and for us to celebrate the new year in the best way possible!
You’re invited to join us 29/9-1/10/2016, the weekend before the jewish new year – a time of change,
A dream coming into reality – a colorful and elaborate event with lots of content and a big concept behind it.
We will all gather in a beautiful natural location to celebrate the new year – to dance, rejoice, learn, fly up high and dive deep inside, to be united, to thrive, to be ourselves,!

The location is 40 minutes from Tel Aviv. The exact location will be given after purchasing tickets.

✿What’s the idea✿
With which intent would you like to start your new year? Which wave would you like to ride in your life?
There are many events and festivals that reverberate and start a wave of change. Events that give us the power and inspiration to make a positive change within ourselves and our environment.
We received our inspiration and energy from events like these which in which we learned, involved and took part of. Events like Midburn, Rainbow, Glitch Beach, events at Ashram in the Desert, underground raves and many more amazing gatherings that happen here in Israel. All of these generate waves of change.
We are here to continue the flow of the ultimate wave – our wave. The wave that we will ride for a long time. We will focus on what will follow the event, giving everyone the tools and energy to act by our beliefs and dreams for the coming year!

✿About The Wave and it’s awesomeness✿
✶The wave is a cooperative festival. It belongs to everyone, it belongs to you and to anyone who wants to take a part in it. There is no production and audience, hosts and guests.
**Want to take part? details and registration are at the bottom in the event**
✶The wave is a nonprofit event! the money from the tickets will be used for covering the expenses of the event
✶The wave is an ecological and environmental event! It is recycled composted and green.

❤At The Wave we will create a safe and honest environment where we can express ourselves, open up and connect to our surroundings. A place where we can progress and grow personally, and also as a group.
❤At The Wave we will release negative stuff from our lives and we’ll connect to all the positive, which we’ll take back with us to our “daily rote”, with additional tools and new information of creating the reality that we believe in.
❤At The Wave we’ll Experience together. We will create a mutual and strengthening energy coming from all of us together – and we will emphasize at that time our connection and our personal empowerment.

✿What actually happens?✿

★~Music~★ We are working on a fine, diverse line-up, Dj’s, live concerts, that will take us on journeys in different places, each one personally and all of us together.
*Line-up will soon be published!*

★~Workshops and lectures~★ We are making sure to have workshops that which will give us the necessary tools to radiate a change from within. We will learn how to grow and improve, and to extend our horizons.
★~Communal meals~★ Everyday we will get together twice for communal meals, to dine on the food that which will be prepared especially for us by the kitchen crew (yes the food is vegan, no it doesn’t cost extra, and yes you should bring your own utensils, not disposable dishes!)
Want to help out in the kitchen? you can fill the form.

★~Open zone for self expression~★ The whole Wave Festival is an open stage with a place for each and everyone of us to share our gift with the world.
Would you like to perform? Just jam? Maybe lead a workshop, or convey any information? Present your art? Or simply fool around and express yourself in a radical manner? This is exactly your place and time.
If you want to sign up, you are welcome to fill the attached form, if you want to do it spontaneously during the festival you are also very welcome.

★~Awesome Communal Bar~★ It will work by the B.Y.O.B (bring your own booze) method, where you don’t pay for alcohol. You bring your own booze and you donate it to the bar! Everyone brings the amount of booze and treats just enough for them and, plus a bit extra, and donates it to the bar. This way we all have abundance and plenty of choices.
Believe us – it works, and it’s awesome. All we need is for you to take part!
At the bar there will be drinking games, missions and more… expect surprises 😉
★This is just a little taste, we will also have, art, ceremonies, displays, surprises and many more!


✿Are you interested in taking a part? Do you have a feeling that says “It’s finally time”? do you have information that you have to pass on? A vibe that should be felt? There are a few options✿

Join the “League of Wave”: We are the production team that does whatever it takes prior to the Festival in order to make it happen. We need more stars to join us. To help organizing, taking responsibilities,, joining the teams and turning ideas into reality. If you are willing to really give, according to your capabilities and passions, before the event, please PM @Tamar Alfasi on Facebook.

Musicans/creators/any kind of atrtists and knowledge holders that want to share their gift are welcome to fill the attached form and we will contact you.

Helping during the event, including putting the whole thing together, as well as pulling it apart: We need helpers for the different teams during the event (cleaning, kitchen, all kinds of different Tasks), and people that will help pre and post event tasks. You can fill a helpers form.

Tickets to The Wave can be purchased by contacting The Wave messengers spread around the country.
The ticket price is 150 nis. The tickets can be purchased in cash. The entrance to the festival will be made by presenting an ID.
**There will not be tickets sold at the festival!!**
**The tickets are limited so we can have a quality, intimate event. Make sure you won’t miss it!!**
For kids under 12 the entrance is free.
If you have trouble purchasing the ticket, please contact Zohara Andrea Leight

The Wave messenger list (more will be added soon):
Jerusalem – Zohara 0506867762
Tel Aviv – Dael 0544855878
Tel aviv-Rehovot- Gal 0508873694
Ashdod – Gal 0546266640
Haifa-Atlit and around- Yonatan 0525802901
Upper Galilee – Tamar 0527331868
Golan-Galilee sea- Sasson 0542559496
Pardes Chana- Lital 0545655437
Arabah – Odeliya 0524257037‬‏

We invite you
To come and share your beauty and uniqueness. To create, to be excited, to participate, to learn, to give, to receive, and to be. Any way you want. Everybody is invited!

Love, The League of Wave ❤

*Produced in collaboration with the Alfasi Brothers
Check Out The Event Page On Facebook


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