Sun 28 July 2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Washington Boulevard - Washington Boulevard, Tel Aviv,

A year ago, Maya Hadad, a trans woman, was stabbed in South Tel Aviv. The tragedy brought together thousands of people into the streets, and proved that the transgender community is capable of uniting. Unfortunately, this this tragedy was not the last. A year has passed, and the transgender commmunity still suffers from discrimination and violence. But this time, society will not oppress the transgender community any longer and we will no longer stand by the lack of security in employment and housing discrimination!

This year, we seek to re-establish the same strength and make it a tradition – together we are strong! We don’t want to look at the painful statistics anyore, which we already know by heart. We don’t want to wait to hear of another suicide, or case of violence or exclusion. This time, we set the schedule and on 28.7: we make our #trans_formation into a reality!

We are an informal organization of people on the trans spectrum that want to make a change in the consiouosness in the community and beyond. Together with the LGBTQIA+ Center we say: Trans does not equal suicide. Trans equals life!

It is time to concentrate on our strength and beauty, to show ourselves and our youth what we are made of, how amazing we are, to change the narrative and create hope! We are a part of the human race and it is time for the world to be safe for us, as each and every one of us are special. And we have something to be proud of! This is a call to all members of the trans community. The gender-queer, gender-fluid, non-binary, bi-gender, two spirists, androgynous, intersex, the passing, the non passing, post-op,pre-op, and no-op, femmes, butches, families, and friends!

The event will take place on Washington Boulevard at 18:00 and from there we will march to the center of Tel Aviv. We’re leaving the sidelines and taking center stage. Come and march with us on 28.7! How ever you are, you are perfect.

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