Wed 21 March 2018 - Sat 24 March 2018 | 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Kiryat Tivon - Ha'Alonim, Kiryat Tivon,

The Sheikh Abreik II Festival is underway.
After the festival’s phenomenal success last year, we are delighted to invite you to the Sheikh Abreik II Festival!

The festival belongs to citizens and was founded by citizens, for citizens.

Its spirit is freedom, culture and community ties. It operates in open source and is our proof that in order to maintain a culture there is no need for government, councils, capitalists, media or managers. There is a need for personal initiative, daring, faith, creativity, generosity, cooperation, responsibility and love. We now have about 500 people involved in the creation of the Sheikh Abreik Civil Culture Festival with more than 300 cultural initiatives throughout Kiryat Tivon for a four-day and three-night celebration at the height of spring, between 21-24 / 3/18 (A week before Seder night).

So what are we going to do at this year’s festival? Music, theater, dance, cinema, circus, workshops, lectures, parties, plastic art, photography, performance, tours, children’s events and more … A vibrant, rich and vibrant tapestry in all of the community space, with its homes, courtyards and institutions.

This is a hosting festival where residents of Tivon will want to host camping in their yard or in their home, guests outside Tivon.
Neighborhood meals will be held, and most performances will be hosted in private areas.

We see a vibrant, creative and vibrant society in which citizens create together a culture, a public life and spaces in which there is support, empowerment and mutual growth of individuals, families and communities.
Connecting all these forces to a creative, active and participative fabric, which engages in cooperation, giving and volunteering, will generate cultural and social wealth and create new connections of love and joy in our way to building the future community.

Everyone is invited to come and celebrate with us!
And it will be possible to support the festival in the near future – we will need each and every one of you to realize (again) this fantasy.

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