Wed 26 February 2020 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Reading 3 - Yosef Yekutieli Street 4, Tel Aviv,

Revivo project arrives for a festive winter show at Redding 3 Tel Aviv!

The nostalgic string project, which in recent years has become a resounding success and a new cultural phenomenon, during which they won the “Composition of the Year” award and won a prestigious YouTube award and many other degrees.

Since the project was born and so far, the band’s members have released eight successful albums, which have been awarded gold and platinum albums! The first breakthrough album “What’s Left” was a resounding success, the second album – “A New Beginning”, “Warm in Heart”, a double album from a live performance from the Sultan Pool, an original album – “Known All the World”, “Zohar” – a string album that is all innovations to his songs By Zohar Argov, a “live and happy” album that combines original songs alongside beloved nostalgic strings and the 8th album “Faith” featuring a variety of strings,

Recently, a double collection was released called “Time Travel” containing a variety of strings and songs from all albums, such as “New Beginning”, “Let Time Go String”, “Ella”, Saturday String, “My Night String”, String Another Day Will Come “And many more good ones.

At the same time, project members continue to record diverse, new and renewed songs.

The rabboys continue to conquer deaths, both across the country and abroad, in the face of thousands of people in the Jewish communities.

Revivo’s project is known for its unique, joyful and exciting performances, suitable for a very wide and diverse audience and in all these, do not forget to convey their sleep – human love in particular and free love in general.

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