Sun 10 February 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Homerun Group - Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

The Political Salon in conversation with Caroline Glick from the “New Right” party .

This event will be held in English

HaSalon HaPoliti (The Political Salon) is a non-partisan social initiative whose purpose is to promote and encourage political discourse and political participation in Israeli society. By conducting dozens of political salons throughout the country, hosting elected officials from across the political spectrum in Israel, we intend to reduce the widespread indifference of citizens to the political discourse, to provide greater knowledge and understanding of the candidates’ public agenda, and to encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right in the coming elections.

Who are we?

This is a nonpartisan social initiative and its founders hold diverse political views across the political spectrum in Israel.

We do not promote any particular party or candidate and strive to create a diverse, rich discourse.

What do we want?

The Political Salon seeks to connect candidates with the electoral public, and to promote genuine, meaningful, authentic dialogue. We seek to positively influence the degree of personal interest and willingness that we as Israeli citizens express in politics – from public discourse to democratic participation. We want to make the information that is of interest to us more accessible and free of filters, editors and irrelevant agendas.

What is the format?

Elected officials and candidates hosted in our events will be asked to open with a short review of their positions, agenda and achievements. Following their opening, there will be a guided Q&A session taken from participants. Questions will deal with social, economic and political issues. We aim to create a meaningful and authentic human encounter, free of filters and interpretations, that will allow people to ask questions that interest them and get a direct answers from the candidate themselves.

Last but not least:

We prefer consuming this information from the source instead of institutionalized media, staged videos or highly edited Facebook pages and posts.

We aspire to reach new and diverse audiences, especially those who often disengage from the political discourse.

We seek to eradicate the culture of disengaging from speaking politics because it’s “dirty” or too complex.

We strongly promote, and will jealously defend, a respectful and inclusive discourse.

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