Mon 18 February 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Mindspace Ahad Haam - Ahad Ha'am 54, Tel Aviv,


The political salon and the Sanhedrin Forum host Adina Bar Shalom, chairman of the Israeli Brother Party

Adina Bar-Shalom is the founder of the Jerusalem Haredi College and the Israel Prize laureate for a lifetime achievement and a special contribution to society and the State of Israel in 1964. In 2014, she lit a torch at the torchlighting ceremony.
Adina Bar Shalom is the eldest daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt “l, who lives in Tel Aviv and is married to Dayan, the great retired Rabbi Ezra Bar Shalom, and they are the parents of Rabbi Ben Zion Bar Shalom, Chana Shimoni and Margalit Doek. About Adina – here.

The political salon is a non-partisan social project whose purpose is to promote and encourage political discourse, political understanding and political participation in Israeli society. Through the establishment of political salons throughout the country hosted by elected officials from across the political spectrum in Israel, we intend to reduce the widespread indifference of citizens to the political discourse, to provide knowledge and understanding of the public agenda of candidates and elected officials, and to encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right in the coming elections.


Who we are?

The project is nonpartisan and its founders hold diverse political views across the political spectrum in Israel. We do not promote any particular party or candidate and strive to create a diverse and rich discourse

What do we want?

The political salon seeks to connect candidates and the public that chooses them, and to promote genuine, meaningful and eye-to-eye dialogue. We seek to influence the degree of personal interest and willingness that we as citizens in Israel express before the elections – from our secular conversations to the exercise of our right to vote. We want easier and more accessible access to information that interests us – without filters, without a dictated agenda, without content editors.

What format of the political living room?

Elected officials and candidates who will be guests in the political living room will be asked to open the meeting with a quarter of an hour of review of their work and their positions, and after the review opens the discussion to a guided session of questions and answers from the participants in the living room. The questions will deal with social, economic and political issues. Unlike domestic circles, we want to hear how each elected official will use his mandate in the future and therefore we have no interest in hearing slander or positions on other elected officials, but only on the candidate himself.

We aim to create an authentic and authentic human encounter, free of filters and interpretations, that will allow people to ask questions that interest them and get a direct answer from the candidate. Without long, well-meaning speeches, focusing on questions from the audience.

The aspiration is to reach new and diverse audiences, especially those who often leave the political discourse.

We seek to eradicate the culture of avoiding political messiah because it is “dirty” or complicated. Every citizen of the State of Israel has the political power and ability to influence the reality of his life and shape the character of the state through elections.

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