Thu 25 April 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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On Thursday, 25.04.2019 LA-MORE produces the Fetish Festival of Passover.

The production of Halmor will open its gates in a new, underground, and fetishistic place.

The Halmor Passover Hammer Festival is on its way, and we will also celebrate one of the founders of our Lemur 27.
After a long period of time, we found a new place with personal and attached parking space (only for the Halmor Labini).
The place is special and dark just for the needs of the scene.

In ancient Egypt the Pharaohs used to abuse slaves, as you know we have some queens who will enjoy this evening some slaves and therefore the concept at this party is going to be “kingdom in slaves style ancient Egypt” means that the event will be dedicated to the greatness of women dominating the scene, They’re going to be definitely above everyone else.
Our house is dominated by Kai Milady, Mira, Viale Engel, Kevin Kaku and Vika are going to dominate the event as always.
Although the evening is purely Fahdum, this does not mean that rulers have nothing to do. A plugger in place.

What will happen?

The only Yarkoni light will vibrate our hearts with music that will penetrate our bones between the sessions. Or Yarkoni

A unique hanging area.

The biggest hammer show in Israel.

Spectacular fetish performances throughout the night.

Projectors and screens will be shown throughout the club in a variety of categories.

The darkroom is equipped with high levels.

The Halmor team will provide the highest security possible for the security of the rioters, including 5 security guards
A team of diameters marked green and bright blue throughout the evening, all to make you feel comfortable.

Professional hammer equipment.

A hammer hammer ashtray position that will bring you to the concept atmosphere.

High-quality sushi trays will be served during the evening at the expense of the production.

A specially designed smoking room.

Luggage storage.

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