Wed 31 July 2019 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Center for Israeli Innovationn - Ahuzat Bayit 2, Tel Aviv,

What is the secret recipe that creates a Start-Up Nation? How is Tel-Aviv ranked as the second most innovative ecosystem in the world, after the Silicon Valley? Who are the key players that are pushing the Israeli economy forward and setting Israel at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies with a global impact? In the Center for Israeli Innovation by Taglit, visitors explore and discover the answers to these questions.

The visitors at the center go on a journey through Israeli innovation, inventions, technological advancements and achievements while learning about the unique story of Israel. The visit continues with an inspiring session with an Israeli innovator or a fascinating .overview of the innovation and entrepreneurship scene in Israel.

After the interactive exhibition tour, all of your questions will be answered! In this engaging talk we will discuss facts, figures and dive deep into the factors that position Israel at the forefront of innovation and breakthrough technologies.
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