Wed 14 November 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Clipa Theater - Harakevet 38, Tel Aviv,

“The origin of the art work” is a series of three meetings following Heidegger’s formative work.
The series will feature Dr. Hagit Aldema and choreographer and artist Michal Herman.
The Arabs will include a dance class and performance.

“Heidegger thinks of art as an act that reveals a fundamental conflict between land and the world: the earth is a closed element, but also one that is preserved and created, and the world is an open element whose openness is made possible by the appearance of the earth’s seclusion in the world.
In this reading of the act and the art, Heidegger opens up another range for us to think about what a quarrel is. For, for him, the quarrel is not a quarrel, controversy, destruction, or conflict that must be resolved and resolved. Because in the essence of this fundamental conflict, which exists in every layer of human life and in the most refined way of the art, each side carries the other side beyond itself. In other words, this quarrel can not be appeased, but rather has a fair. When the piyut of the quarrel is an act of art. ”
Hagit Aldema

“Without enough,” Michal Herman’s new dance work is a feminine variation trapped in a body machine that can not stop acting and is subject, at the same time, to the gaze of the other – the outside.
The labor movement is moving on the axes of place and time, internal, then-now.
In this series the work will be presented in three parts – up to. Without enough.

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